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SOS Fire Questionnaire

SOS Fire Questionnaire

European Training Course for school pupils
on fire prevention and first aids
through civic engagement

Thank you for participating in the SOS Fire project.

This questionnaire is a part of larger development project SOS Fire – European Training Course for School pupils on fire prevention and first aid through civic engagement, funded by Erasmus+ program.

The project aims to make European school children aware of the risks of fire, of its prevention and of the most important measures to be taken in the event of an emergency or fire.

This questionnaire aims to evaluate the knowledge of burns first aid amongst the Romanian population. This information will be used to identify which aspects of burn first aid need to be highlighted in an education campaign and who the target audience should be.

The collected data is only available to researchers of the SOS Fire project. Reports produced by the data do not identify the responses of the individual respondent but only the average results. Gathered data will be used for scientific and academic purposes and it is utilized according the data protection policy of the The Open Network.

The average response time is 10 minutes. 

You can find more information about SOS Fire at

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